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Jason Hennessey, CEO of Everspark Interactive, a full-service SEO agency, said small businesses often struggle with what SEO tools to use. "There’s a lot of theories. Organic keywords are the words that bring web users to your site.

Short landing pages may seem effective, but unless your landing page has 500 words, you won`t get the traction you need. Here`s how to. Many times, a user will be prepared to convert without reading anything. But more often. If you're familiar with SEO, you should know that it doesn't happen without plenty of content.

Sep 6, 2017. Think of these as your site's index words. A much better way of structuring this social media blog would be to have top categories that are future-proof. If you are super concerned about duplicate content penalty, then simply (noindex, follow) your category taxonomy using the WordPress SEO by Yoast.

This is the ONLY tutorial you’ll need to hugely increase your search engine traffic by improving your WordPress SEO. Includes plugin, theme & site structure tips.

It’s been a long time since we covered one of the most fundamental building blocks of SEO–the structure of domain names and URLs–and I think it’s high time to revisit.

Find Broken Links, Redirects & Site Crawl Tool. This is one of the best SEO tools out there! Use it to find broken links on your site and generate an XML formatted.

Here is what you need to know about these two little words that are keeping you from swimming to your. I can’t be successful, my coach told me so. How.

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New to SEO? Need to polish up your knowledge? The Beginner’s Guide to SEO has been read over 3 million times and provides the.

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Did you know that 80 percent of all web traffic begins with a search engine? Stunning, isn’t it? It’s why investing in SEO is an absolute must for any website owner.

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The content analysis tool in the Yoast SEO plugin measures many aspects of the text you’re writing. It consists of two parts: the SEO analysis and the readability.

How many keywords should you assign to each page on your website–and how should you pick them? An Inc. 500 CEO offers his advice on SEO.

SEO Question: When writing content for our websites what is the optimal copy length? Is page length important for search engine optimization? Answer: Every page and.

131 Words That Increase Web Traffic. Digital Strategy |SEO & Content Marketing | 70 Comments. Share This ?Share. Andy Crestodina. By Andy Crestodina. Share ?Share. 7 Minute Read. You'll use around 7,400 words today. At least, that's the average according to research. If you're a marketer, some of those words may.

Oct 31, 2016. SEO – Beyond Key Words. Effective SEO is important to create a strong online presence, and the process is more complex than many people appreciate. Generally, your site is scored on domain authority, server-side configurations, proper use of coding standards site wide, and overall onsite content.

Want more traffic from Google? Then you’re in the right place. Because today I’m going to show you the exact SEO techniques that I use to generate 151,981 unique.

Jan 27, 2016. The ideal length for a business blog post in 2016 is much different than it was in 2008 or even 2013. Way back in 2012, Constant. Neil Patel has found that posts of at least 1,500 words earn the best SEO, social sharing, and engagement results. serp-iq.jpg. Are You Using Visual Media? While visual.

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So how much do you need to rank well?. Content marketing and SEO have fast become major elements of promoting any online business or service. Using too few words can leave your readers feeling cheated, but using too many can overload them with information and detract from the important aspects of what you.

This guide is going to teach you how to become a Scrapebox master, so brace yourself. For years the SEO community has been needing one true ultimate Scrapebox.

SEO encompasses many tactics but the underlying principal is that you're helping Google and other search engines better understand what your ecommerce site is about and. Keywords – A keyword(s), in the context of search engine optimization, is a particular word or phrase describing the content of a web page or site.

Mar 19, 2014. When publishing videos to YouTube, it's important to apply SEO best practices to certain areas of the page. For example: #1. Titles. With limited plain text for search engines to crawl, the title of your video is probably the most important SEO factor to consider. Titles for YouTube videos should include relevant.

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Keep track of how many times you work the keywords into your content, and use the right tools to track where you rank for the keywords you target (SEMrush is our favorite). Don't know where. Writing good SEO-based content isn't just about the words on your screen — it's also about how your visitor sees them. If they are.

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You and your website can get the best of both worlds by employing on- and off-page SEO elements. It’s going to be painstaking at first. But if you want better traffic long after the campaign is over, then you have nothing to lose. In fact,

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3 days ago. Now go to and start typing in a keyword to have Google complete the phrase (remember, you're looking for long-tail phrases usually with 3+ words since those are much less competitive). You can also use an underscore character _ anywhere in the phrase and Google will fill in the blank.

May 18, 2017. Learn how to boost blog traffic with search engine optimization by using keywords in your blog posts and utilizing good SEO. Too many keyword phrases dilute the content of your post for readers and can look like spam to both readers and search engines. You can learn more about using specific.

Apr 13, 2015. Beyond SEO-friendly URL structure (including proper optimization of pagination), breadcrumbs and proper keyword use, how do you optimize your category. Consider loading less products in default view (e.g. 20 instead of 60), as there may be an optimal “limit” to how many words your category page.

Keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique, considered webspam or spamdexing, in which a web page is loaded with keywords in the meta tags or in content of a web page in an attempt to gain an unfair rank advantage in search engines. Keyword stuffing may lead to a website being banned or.

The goal of this post is to approach keyword research for SEO from it’s roots and build toward the more technical aspects.

Hawley shared his data set with Quartz. Below is a look at some of the word usage rates, which Hawley tells Quartz are generally what people might expect from both genders. For instance, he says, “Guys use words like. twice as many.

Sep 16, 2016. Most people don't know how to build links the right way so they tell you content is king because producing content is so much easier than getting good links to point. There is no use writing a 3000 word article about a concert you went to and then getting 5 million Justin Bieber fans to your website that sells.

Jan 22, 2016. Or is it? A recent statement by John Mueller made many question whether this is still true. Barry Schwartz wrote an article titled, “Google: Title tags are not a critical ranking signal” in which he quotes John Mueller in saying, “We do use [the title tag] for ranking, but it's not the most critical part of a page.

Focus on words that are four letters or more because. with what is called Keyword stuffing, where you use the keyword too many times that it renders the content monotonous. Generate SEO friendly Titles Titles are a fundamental aspect.

If something negative appears in the results, your online reputation can quickly damage your offline. there’s a good chance that you can minimize its impact using simple SEO techniques. And even if your search results are squeaky.

Many people quickly skip this step, and are losing out on some great SEO. ALT tags were originally created so that visually impaired readers using a screen reader.

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Use the word count tool to check the number of words used inside the body of a web page. Submit multiple URLs and the tool will automatically extract all the text / content inside the HTML body tag for every single page. Why should I use the word count tool? Based on word count you're not able to determine the quality of.

Jun 17, 2016. That being said, the on-page SEO of today is much different than the tactics of 5 years ago, with today's best practices focusing more on optimizing your. your page URL will be nearly identical to your headline); If you can still customize these URLs, use one dash between words and keep an eye out for.

Buying up dead domains for SEO is not a new technique. In the words of Jason Duke, industry veteran and co. Messages owners receive when Google employees penalize their sites. “There are many shades of gray,” Joost de.

I have previously shared 30 plugins which I use here at ShoutMeLoud. For today’s post, I have compiled a list of recommended WordPress Plugins for SEO. You do not.

Follow these suggestions to improve your site’s ranking and you will be googily rewarded: Use metadata, have a link-worthy site, publish relevant content, update.

This is the ultimate guide to dominating Google’s search results in 2018. And let me be clear about something: This is NOT a lame “SEO in 2018” predictions post.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred.

. words. While moderate use in a casual environment could be helpful it is advised to avoid excessive use, especially in a professional setting. If you’re using too many filler words, it is time to stop the habit. Sources: Language and.

Yeah, SEO is kind of like that. The problem is that too many webmasters and SEO experts listen to. Google is looking to intelligently use individual words to “understand the gist” of what people are looking for, and then expanding the.

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You just need tactics and techniques to achieve great results on your Do it yourself SEO (search engine optimization. Here are quick tips for you on how to build SEO when you are. words. Normally, shorter keywords are more.